RenGenX is a Decentralized
Equity Token Exchange
Q2 2018

RenGenX anticipates meeting the expected overwhelming need for a equity token exchange. Tokenized securities have potential to be the future of investment in early-stage startups, and these professional investors should demand institutional grade tools and desire a single platform to manage assets on a variety of blockchain networks.

RenGenX’s expected advanced compliance engine would enable this exchange to provide a decentralized marketplace for restricted tokens and adapt to changes in securities classifications and regulations. By working with our AML/KYC partners, we expect to be able to support institutional investors across the globe.

Decentralized exchanges are likely an elegant solution to many of the security and custody issues that centralized exchanges may face by potentially empowering professional investors to maintain custody and implement their own cybersecurity protocols. RenGenX’s goal is to become the premier regulated token exchange.

RenGenX's Vision

One of the first decentralized exchange traders was RenGenX founder M. J. Dillon. When early versions of decentralized trading began to appear in 2016, he began to work closely with the founder of EtherDelta to improve that platform. Along with RenGenX team member Tim Haberham, Dillon was instrumental in helping to engage and support hundreds of the earliest decentralized exchange traders and developers.

RenGenX today is already a functional technology available for beta testing on the Ethereum network. Powered by possibly one of the most advanced smart contracts ever deployed on the Ethereum network, this feature-rich, compliance-focused smart contract expects to allow peer-to-peer leverage, the creation and trading of options on tokens, and directed trading between individual users. In addition to a number of advanced customer support features, RenGenX will sport a reactive and clear user interface, and a backend order book system that intends to prevent fat-finger errors and eliminates the possibility of front-running directed trades.

The intended flexible and upgradeable compliance functionality would allow restricted tokens to trade under custom conditions. With RenGenX’s anticipated trade-level, smart contract based, compliance engine, this exchange would provide a decentralized marketplace for restricted tokens that could potentially adapt to future changes to the international regulatory environment as they happen.

RenGenX’s vision is to evolve their existing Ethereum-based decentralized exchange into a multitude of decentralized exchanges powered by other blockchains (such as EOS and Neo) along with institutional grade position management tools and custom reporting (P&L, historical positions, tax reporting) utilizing their custom multi-chain block explorer.

UberDelta UI
Product Features
Sophisticated Compliance: Trade-level Rules
Multiple Token Support
Multiple protocol token support (ERC20, ERC223, others)
Covered Options
Peer-to-Peer leverage utilizing covered options
Fairness against market manipulation
Optional directed trades to prevent front-running
Designed to operate as a regulated exchange
Stable & Reliable
Central components are designed for stability and reliability
Empowering professional investors to maintain custody and implement their own cybersecurity protocols
Third-party Integration
Integration with third-party tools, open API
Interfaces for trading algorithms